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Biblical stewardship is a core value at myXP. We seek to empower churches to manage every dollar in a way that magnifies God and maximizes ministry. 

Keeping track of where the money goes - especially in a church - is a task that requires scrupulous honesty and an eye for detail. You definitely want someone assigned this task who knows what they’re doing, and if the process can be streamlined, so much the better. 

MyXP can assume this function for you and make it a thing of ease and beauty. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Help your church review and establish a chart of accounts that accurately reflects the ministries you’re providing and identify the proper hierarchy.
  • Make recommendations and install a payroll service that is designed specifically for church payroll and provides competitive rates.
  • Provide complete bookkeeping support through QuickBooks™ Online, a cloud-based tool, to ensure collaboration.
  • Provide monthly financial updates to leadership teams for review.
  • Set up recurring payments through bank bill pay.

Budgeting & Expense Management

Every church, big or small, needs a budget and a plan for managing expenses. But let's face it: budgeting can feel like a crushing burden for many Lead Pastors. That said, the solution is not to take it off the pastor's plate and give it to someone who has no accounting background and is learning as they go; or worse, approaching this as an optional duty to be addressed when they can get to it.

MyXP can help shoulder this weight. We'll help you designate and account for each penny spent so you can get the most ministry accomplished with the resources available. And rest assured, at myXP, budgeting and expense management is not just a theoretical exercise. Our approach helped one church, which was overspending by $160,000, see giving exceed expenses by $75,000 in just 12 months.

Here’s an idea of what that can look like:

  • Using historical data and current giving trends, work with leadership to prepare an effective annual budget.

  • If applicable, work with staff members to provide basic training around making budget recommendations.

  • Implement expense reporting policy, including the use of a mobile app-based expense reporting system, to ensure the utmost integrity and transparency on expense procedures.

  • Review current online giving approach and ensure the system is implemented correctly and that online giving fees being paid are competitive.

  • Examine all current expenses and make recommendations for areas to cut, find better vendors, or consolidate expenses.

  • Help you consider the value of setting yourself up as a 501c3 organization, if you aren’t already. If you are, we can ensure you are receiving the full benefits of that status, i.e., Are you currently paying for your email client? Paying full price for things such as domain specific email, Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Creative Cloud? As a 501c3 organization you can (and should) be getting those things for free or next to nothing. We can help.



In every church, communication is critical. Few do it as well as it could (and should) be done, yet effective communication is one of your most important tools for growth and goodwill. 

The overall vision for your church, the values that form the fabric of your mission, the commitments you’ve made to your community – these are all external messages that need to be delivered with clarity and accuracy. Likewise, your communication within your church family needs to be transparent and honoring.

MyXP will help you think through, plan, and execute a clear and compelling communication strategy both internally and externally. 

Here are just a few of the ways myXP can insure excellence in both your internal and external communications:

  • Review your church website for overall quality and the best user experience.
  • Look at how you currently call people to action (for example, to sign up for service opportunities, commit to small groups, attend special events) and make practical suggestions for improvement.  
  • Re-examine the frequency and accuracy of announcements, as well as the tools employed to ensure once people sign up, they get plugged in where they should.
  • Think through how special communications and strategic information should best be communicated to your members.
  • Make recommendations for the appropriate use of social media, with careful consideration of your target audience and the platforms that will reach and resonate with them.
Graphic Design.png

Graphic Design by Reborn

As a part of myXP services, myXP will partner with Reborn who has years of experience designing for churches (announcement slides, sermon series IDs, branding, etc...).  As a myXP church partner, you provide as much detail as you can about what you are looking for and myXP will do the rest ensuring all the deliverables hit established deadlines.  While design work is a supplemental cost in additional to your subscription service, myXP church partners get an incredible rate for top level design work. Click here to learn more about Reborn design work and myXP church pricing.

Take a look at some of Reborn’s graphic design work below:

Guest Connect.png

Guest Connect

Is it clear to first time guests how they can get connected at your church? Is it clear to you? 

You can't disciple people you don't connect. MyXP will provide simple yet strategic next steps to move people from first time attenders to fully committed members of your church.

Here are some ways myXP can help you assess the process you currently have in place and make improvements that will lead to a better outcome. You can be confident we won't suggest cookie-cutter solutions; this is something that would be individualized to your church:

  • Look carefully at your expectations of newcomers. Are next steps clearly communicated? Are they reasonable?  
  • Ask whether other churches like yours have done the job of assimilation in a simpler or more effective way. How could their experience be applied in a unique way to you?
  • Suggest some relevant tools or techniques you might not be aware of that will help your church ensure no one falls through the cracks.
  • Review or establish a follow-up strategy for first-time guests that will make them yearn to connect with the church God has called yours to be.


Attention spans are short and getting shorter. The bar is higher than ever for making a positive first impression - a negative experience in the parking lot can be what keeps a first-time guest from ever coming inside your church and hearing the gospel. Clearly, creating an environment where people feel welcome and motivated to connect is critical, and not just on Sundays but throughout the week. 

MyXP draws from years of experience in both the church and the marketplace to help you understand your church's unique identity and strengths. The idea here is to maximize the experience of your church's attendees and support them as they grow in their faith.

Hospitality is an area that has been studied in great detail by customer-first organizations, entertainment companies, and high-end retailers. Many of the lessons of corporate America are adaptable to a church environment.

Not only has myXP had years of collective management training and experience with Starbucks and other service-oriented companies, Tyler specifically has attended the Disney Institute in both Leadership Excellence and Employee Engagement. The result is a deep understanding and specific passion around the experience a new person has at your church.

We can help you look at details like traffic management, indoor and outdoor signage, coffee and refreshments, child safety procedures and other security concerns, and those all-important follow-up contacts. These may seem like small things but they carry great weight in communicating that this is a caring, welcoming environment where people can be a part of all that God is doing.


Human Resources

You can't build a great team without great people and hiring the right ones can be both time-consuming and tricky. The professionals with myXP are uniquely positioned to help you find and hire the best staff. We've had years of experience and training in human resources, as well as specific training in behavioral interviewing. 

MyXP will help you assess and select new staff, and assist you in developing and building up existing team members. Additionally, once you've found the right people, myXP can help you ensure they're cared for as it pertains to benefits, time-off, and a work environment where they believe they can be successful. This is paramount.

Here are some other ways myXP can help in the area of Human Resources:

  • Review all staff salaries and make recommendations based on churches of comparative size, regional area, qualifications, experience, and other pertinent measures.
  • Examine current benefits package and vendors to ensure staff members are properly taken care of and make recommendations for change and adjustments as appropriate.
  • Ensure benefits are administrated effectively based on state and federal laws including enrollment, termination, and changes.
Planning and Execution.png

Strategic Planning & Execution

It’s often said that, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” For a church or ministry organization, this approach is inexcusable. Of all people, the people of God should be clearest on where we’re going and how to bring others along with us. The fact is, healthy churches don’t just happen, they have to be intentionally built, and it starts with being able to articulate our objective as a body. 

MyXP will show you how to clarify and articulate the overall vision for your church, and provide you with proven processes and strategies for planning and executing this vision in each area of ministry. We will help you pinpoint your "destination" and then devise a plan to get you there, whether it’s for a specific event, a new or ongoing ministry, a seasonal emphasis, or the overall mission and vision of the church.  We will help you:

  • Objectively review your current mission and vision statement, asking questions and challenging assumptions until it’s as concise and compelling as it can possibly be. (Where are we going?)
  • Identify measurable milestones that will show the progress being made toward achieving the mission. (How can we know we’re on the right path?)
  • Develop a step by step plan for moving from milestone to milestone. (What do we do next?)

We’ll consider your unique culture and congregation as we help you determine how to execute and measure your strategic success.