Why Numbers Matter


Keeping careful track of “numbers” in the church can be a touchy subject. Measuring things like baptisms, attendance, giving, and various other metrics can derail in at least two directions. 

On the one hand, you have some who seem to only care about numbers. People cease to have faces and instead become nothing more than a figure on a spread sheet. This is a problem.

On the other hand, you have some who demonize numbers, as if keeping track of what God’s doing in our midst devalues it in someway. 

Both of these extremes are to be avoided. 

Ministry is more than numbers. Much of what God does can’t be reduced to a metric. God works in ways we can’t alway measure and track. 

But . . . 

God cares about numbers. The Bible keeps careful track of numbers. Days are numbered. People are numbered. Conversions are numbered. My goodness, God even inspired an entire book entitled, “Numbers.” 

I bring this up because much of what we do at myXP is “number” related. We help you track, manage and multiply the ministry God has entrusted you. But we’re NOT about numbers for numbers' sake. The reason we care about numbers is this:

Behind every number is a NAME.

Numbers are never just a mark on a page. Every number is a specific soul Jesus died to save. We want to be the most fruitful stewards we can be of everything and everyone God entrusts to us.

Numbers aren’t everything, but they matter. If we can help you better care for all that God’s entrusted to you, we’d be honored.