New Hire

Are you newly hired at a church we support? Click the button below. We will be able to begin paying as soon as the form has been submitted in it’s entirety.


Payroll Updates

If you are already on staff at a church myXP supports and need to make updates to the information we have on file, please submit the relevant form below.


Need to update the account we have on record for your Direct Deposit? Click the button below.


Need to update your housing allowance amount mid-year? Click the button below. Please note that by law, if you are increasing the amount, the housing allowance update must be submitted prior to making the purchase influencing the change.


Please make sure we have your current address on file as this is imperative should we have to mail your w2. Click the button below.


Get married, have a baby or any other reason you might want to update your W4 information? Click the button below.