Mesh Banners


Mesh Banners are printed in full color on one side of 8oz Mesh Banner with sizes ranging from 2' x 2' to 10' x 150'. They are built to stand up to the elements, though they do wear with time. We offer a variety of finishing options, including hemming, grommets, and pole pockets. Offering in single sided only.

Ideal for windy conditions, Mesh Banners communicate your message in a highly visible way. Commonly placed along fences or between poles in windy areas, they can be used in a number of ways, including temporary signage and making printed announcements you want everyone passing by to see. If you're opening a new store, having a sale, or announcing an event and you want to let passersby know, use Mesh Banners.

Finishing Options:

  • Grommets: Grommets are round, metal hole reinforcements. They are a convenient addition to use for mounting your printed piece. Grommets are available in 2 or 4 corners or placed every two feet for larger printed pieces.

  • Sewn Hems: Hemmed edges are made by folding back the edge of a Vinyl Banner and sewing the folded edge to the banner. This creates a professional, finished edge and helps to maintain shape.

  • Pole Pockets: Pole Pockets allow you to slide a pole through the edge of the banner along the length or height for hanging. Adding pole pockets does not reduce the final size of your banner.

Mix & Match

  • No Hems and No Grommets

  • Sewn Hems without Grommets

  • Sewn Hems and Corner Grommets

  • Sewn Hems and Grommets every 2 feet

  • Pole Pockets on the left and right sides

  • Pole Pockets on the top and bottom

$2.75/square foot