Who is myXP?

myXP began in 2017 & was co-founded by Tyler Drewitz & Ryan Huguley.

Tyler Drewitz

Tyler Drewitz

Tyler Drewitz (pronounced "Dray-vitz") is an Executive Pastor who has served in the role for the last 15+ years and loves it. Where most people’s eyes glaze over at the first mention of expense management, strategic planning, and hospitality ministries, he and the myXP team get excited in the same way a preacher does in the pulpit.

After a successful run in the secular marketplace doing exactly this kind of thing, Tyler discovered that where he really came alive was when he used his God-given gifts in the service of His church. He has a deep conviction that details matter greatly and that it’s critical we honor God and the people we serve with excellence in these areas. 

Tyler has been blessed to serve as an Executive Pastor (XP) in a variety of churches, both as a lay leader and as a full-time vocational pastor.  He spent seven years as the XP in a church plant in the Midwest, spent 18 months as XP of a church of 1,000+ people in the South, and in the winter of 2017 moved across the country and serves as an XP at a new church plant in Salt Lake City, UT. What he's most grateful for about these varied experiences is that he understands the practicalities of getting a new church up and running smoothly, and he recognizes how to best serve a rapidly-growing, established church as well. 

Tyler's heart is to come alongside you and your church through myXP to help you build the most faithful and fruitful church possible.

Ryan Huguley

Ryan Huguley

Ryan Huguley is a church planter, preacher and author with 17 years of ministry experience in varied contexts. He spent his early ministry years as a worship pastor before planting Redemption Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He then spent a year and a half pastoring a larger existing church in North Carolina. After fifteen months, this church had added over 300 people and had extended its reach in numerous ministry initiatives.  

In 2017, Ryan published 8 Hours Or Less: Writing Faithful Sermons Faster with Moody Publishers. He also hosts the In The Room podcast and blogs at RyanHuguley.com

Ryan and his family are currently starting Ridgeline Church in Salt Lake City, UT, the fifth fastest growing city in America, where less than 3% of the population are evangelical Christians.

Ryan has been married to his wife, Tami, for 13 years and they have three children. 

Ryan’s passion for myXP is to help other pastors and churches maximize their effectiveness the way he has experienced in his own ministry through the support of a dedicated Executive Pastor like Tyler.


myXP Support

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Matt is a worship leader who is also analytically minded. He teaches upper level math and physics in a high school and provides support to myXP churches. Matt has always loved the intersection of ministry and organization and has been serving in worship and administration for churches and other ministries for 10+ years.

After majoring in mathematics for his undergraduate degree, Matt began teaching high school. This was when he discovered his passion for the local church and for leading worship. He then became the primary worship leader for a church of over 1000 people and met Pastor Ryan and Pastor Tyler. He quickly became great friends with the two of them and Matt and his new wife, Deedee moved to Salt Lake City to begin doing ministry with a new church plant, Ridgeline Church.

Matt’s greatest desire is to help local churches be the healthiest version of themselves through supporting pastors in the places they need it the most.