Training Videos


Personal Reimbursement meaning you spent your own money on something the church will reimburse you for.

Watch this video when you have a single expense listed twice and you need to merge them together (one with the credit card symbol and one without).

Watch this video video when you are missing expenses from the bank in Zoho Expense.

Watch this video when you need to take a single expense and charge it to more than one category/ministry area.

Watch this video to find your personal assigned email address to forward digital receipts Zoho expense.

Watch this video for how to handle a typical expense in Zoho Expense.

Watch this video when you are ready to submit your expense report for approval.

Watch this video if you have been informed about a missing transaction that needs to be submitted.

Special Circumstances:


For Primary Cardholders (1 per church)

FOR PRIMARY CARDHOLDERS ONLY: Watch this video to exclude the monthly credit card payment transaction.