We solve problems for pastors.

What is myXP?

MyXP is a ministry committed to helping pastors solve the problems they face. What type of problems? The ones you either don’t want to focus on, or simply don’t have the time to lean in to (find a full list of examples here). We serve as a remote Executive Pastor, coming alongside Lead Pastors to handle the mission-critical details of church management, thereby freeing the Lead Pastor to better focus on studying, writing, leadership, and pastoral care. MyXP provides you with virtually every benefit of an onsite Executive Pastor at a fraction of the cost.


How does it work?

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Bi-monthly Connect

Twice per month you’ll have a 60 minute connect with your Executive Pastor where you’ll talk through any pain points or challenges you’re facing in your ministry. 

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Problems Solved

After your connect, we go to work solving the problems you've identified. Our goal is to help you “set it and forget it.” We work together to set the objectives for the week and then we accomplish them so you can focus on your specific responsibilities.

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Systems Strengthened 

Even if you don’t identify specific problems in areas we support, we’ll be reviewing them behind the scenes to see if there are any ways we can help make them stronger for you.


How we help


Schedule a time to connect

We'd love an opportunity to speak directly with you regarding myXP. We'll discuss the greatest pain points you're currently experiencing and work to understand how we can best serve your church. Click on the button below to either schedule a time that works best for you, or to shoot us an email. Either way, we'll respond to you as soon as possible.