+ What is myXP?

MyXP is a ministry committed to helping pastors solve the problems they face. What type of problems? The one’s you either don’t want to focus on, or simply don’t have the time to lean in to (find a full list of examples here). We serve as a remote Executive Pastor, coming alongside Lead Pastors to handle the mission-critical details of church management, thereby freeing the Lead Pastor to better focus on studying, writing, leadership, and pastoral care. MyXP provides you with virtually every benefit of an onsite Executive Pastor at a fraction of the cost.

+ Why is an XP necessary?

There are two primary ways an Executive Pastor (XP) is essential.

First, Lead Pastors and volunteer administrators often don't have a good grasp of the intricacies of administrative systems, budgeting, expense management, and church legal issues. Most pastors have been specifically trained in theology, preaching, and counseling, but their traditional education may not have adequately covered the many logistical responsibilities that help make and sustain a dynamic, thriving church. MyXP brings expertise in all of these essential areas directly to your church.

Second, Lead Pastors only have so much bandwidth. Their primary responsibilities lie in preaching, teaching, leading, and caring for their church, as they should. The problem is, the other supporting areas are important and need to be done well, too. MyXP takes the burden and stress of these other roles off the Lead Pastor without the need to hire a full-time or even part-time staff member.

+ How much time will myXP spend focused on my church each week.

Because every church situation is unique, there isn't a set amount of time that will be committed to your church. However, we are confident that no matter what your needs are, you will feel fully supported.

+ How will myXP know what to be focused on at any given time?

The most important part of our relationship will be a bi-monthly connect with the Lead Pastor. The role of an XP is to implement the vision of the Lead Pastor of the church, so this connection is crucial. It's our heart to come alongside a Lead Pastor and be a support system for them and the vision God has called them to--just like any good XP should.

+ Will you be familiar with my specific church management system and can you help us with it?

MyXP is conversant in most of the leading church management systems available. We have personally worked in churches with Fellowship One, Church Community Builder, The City, and Planning Center Online. Even if your particular system isn't listed, we love figuring out new software and will ensure we are able to provide both support and coaching, regardless of your system.

We are committed to staying proficient in all the current systems and will ensure we stay abreast of new ones as they are developed. This positions us to help you best review your needs as a church, the cost associated with your management system and, if helpful, make a recommendation for a solution that might better fit your needs. What's great is that we don't represent nor do we align ourselves with any one system. Our only goal is to ensure you have the right solution for your church.

And of course, we would love to help you with it!

+ What services do you provide?

Click here to be taken to our "How" web page. There you'll find a list of services we provide. Click on the specific services for a more detailed description of each one.

+ What if the support I am looking for is not listed on the "How" page?

Need help in an area not listed? We have a passion to serve the church and will do what we can. Just schedule an initial connnect so we can discuss how we can partner most effectively with you and your church.

+ Is the monthly subscription "all inclusive"?

With the monthly subscription, you will get ongoing support in all the areas that myXP provides. The only additional costs to you would be the purchase of any additional software or tools for solutions that your church needs. MyXP ensures proper nonprofit discounts are provided and is always working to ensure you get the best tools for the best prices. As noted on the "How We Help" page, Graphic Design services are also an additional cost.

The benefit to this approach is that instead of myXP owning the tools, your church will be the owner and myXP will be an adminstrator, as long as you are using our services. Should you decide to cancel at anytime, you simply remove myXP as an admin and your church can continue to use the processes that have been set up for you.

+ I've heard of church consultants. How is myXP different?

We aren't looking to provide you an assessment or report of our findings for the things we believe you should be doing and then say goodbye. We want to identify what needs to be done and then do it with you. We view ourselves as an active partner with your church, an integral part of how your church does what it does. And we want to ensure it's done well.

+ I want to sign up for the monthly subscription model. Is there a contract or minimum commitment?

There are no contracts and no minimum commitments. Should myXP not live up to your expectations or you find these services are no longer needed, you can cancel with just 30-days' notice.

+ I am not sure if I should hire myXP for a specific project or sign up for the monthly subscription. How should I go about deciding?

Because we truly want to partner with your church, it would be our preference not to support you for a singular project but to instead understand how we can holistically support your church. Since there are no contracts or minumum commitments, we would recommend signing up for the monthly subscription even if you only have one project in mind to start. That way we don't have to worry about aspects that may be outside the originally-agreed scope of work because we are here to help you out in every way we can.

+ What if our church wants to meet with myXP on-site?

We completely agree that there is a ton of value to be gained from an on-site visit, both for your church and for myXP. Click here to learn about in-person support.

+ Can we connect more than twice per month?

Our official connect will happen on a bi-monthly basis, but if you are stuck on something and would like to get on the phone, no problem. You will be able to schedule a 15 minute "I have a question" call as needed. You can also always reach out to us via email anytime as well.

+ Does our denominational or network affiliation matter?

No, we are happy to support Christian churches from across different denominational affiliations.

Thanks to great companies like Zapier, myXP can do great work for you!