myXP Pricing


myXP Subscription Pricing

One of the many advantages of myXP is the cost. Utilizing our services is a fraction of the expense associated with employing a full-time staff member in these areas. On average, myXP is 81% less expensive than a full-time Executive Pastor**.

Here are our pricing options:

Church Plant*
Established Church
Monthly Subscription
$1349 (82% savings)**
$1750 (76% savings)**
All Services
No Contract***

*church plant pricing applies to churches that are pre-launch until the first anniversary since their public launch.

**based on the average cost of $7500/month when employing a full-time Executive Pastor (Average monthly salary: $5500, Insurance & retirement $1500, Misc $500)

***There are no contracts and no minimum commitments. Should myXP not live up to your expectations, or you find these services are no longer needed, you can cancel with just 30-days' notice from subsequent billing date. 

myXP Project Management

Maybe you aren't ready or just don't yet need the monthly ongoing support we provide. If you have a single project you are interested in having myXP manage for you, fill out the quote request form and we will do what we can to ensure your church is supported.

Project Examples:

  • Creating a Sunday morning-focused mobile website/digital bulletin for your church like this or this.

  • Reviewing/polishing your guest connection process.

  • Reviewing current expenses and making recommendations for cost savings.

These are just a few ideas--if you have something else that you need support on, don't hesitate to fill out the form.


Name *
Phone *
Provide enough detail to give us a general sense of your project. We will reach out and set up a phone call to better understand your needs.

Executive Pastor Coaching

Single 60 min connect: $300/month

Two 60 min connects: $500/month