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We have spent a great deal of time building relationships with reliable vendors who produce top quality products and have procured special pricing to ensure more money can be put to use for ministry in your church.

We are confident that the combo of pricing & quality we can provide for the products listed below will be well below on what you can find on the internet—and if you do find a vendor willing to do any of this for cheaper, please ensure you let us know so we can work out a deal with them.

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Triblend (very soft)

Pricing per shirt*

6-12: $14.50
13-24: $12.50
25-36: $11.50
36-48: $11.00
49-72: $10.50
72-120: $10.00
121+: $9.50


CVC (still soft but much more forgiving for different body types)

Pricing per shirt*

6-12: $13
13-24: $11.25
25-36: $10.25
36-48: $9.75
49-72: $9.25
72-120: $8.75
121-145: $8.25
146+: $8.15

Special pricing above 150

6-12: $12.50
13-24: $10.50
25-36: $9.50
36-48: $9
49-72: $8.50
72-120: $8
121-145: $7.50
146+: $7.40

6-12: $12.40
13-24: $9.90
25-36: $8.90
36-48: $8.40
49-72: $7.90
72-120: $7.40
121-145: $6.90
146+: $6.90

*Special Notes

  • Price includes shipping & production of 1 screen

  • Pricing above is if finished vector artwork (eps file) is provided otherwise $60 charge.

    • Please provide dimensions for each shirt type (adult, youth, & toddler) as well as jpeg of artwork placed on model shirt for placement guidelines.

  • Toddler/Youth shirts may require an additional screen if design is smaller

  • Qty pricing adjusts based on shirt design, not size/style. Youth/Toddler printing requires a smaller design & additional screen and qty pricing starts over.

  • XXL+ shirts additional $2 on tri-blend and $1.75 on CVC

  • Pricing is for 1 color, 1 location.  Additional locations are $2 per location per shirt. Additional color will be quoted based on complexity of the job.

  • You can get countless types of apparel so if you are looking for something other than a t-shirt please request a quote.



Due to extreme variations in signage needs, providing pricing on the site is not possible however please submit the contact form at the bottom of the page and the team at myXP will get you a quick quote.

For an idea of pricing, here are a couple of common items regularly purchased by churches (shipping included):

  • Full color banner at $2.30/sqft

  • Retractable banners w/carrying case from $145

  • 12ft Single Sided Feather Banner w/ground stake for $150

  • 11+ double-sided yard signs with H stake for $9.50/each

Review some of the options below however if you are interested in something you don’t see, still submit it as we can likely figure out how to get it for you very inexpensively!



13 and 18 ounce vinyl banner for indoor and outdoor use.



White Coil Coated. 2MM Thick. Indoor and Outdoor.


Yard Signs

4MM corrugated plastic yard signs with full color digital printing


Rigid Plastic

Durable plastic with a matte finish. Offered in either 3MM or 6MM.


Acrylic Signs

Beautiful 1/8” or 1/4” cast polymer with the appearance of glass.


Feather Flags

Trade shows, events, and more with flexible feather banners and a variety of stand options.


Brushed Aluminum

3MM thick with an elegant brushed aluminum finish.

Vinyl Lettering

Pre-masked with transfer tape for easy installation, design your lettering today in a variety of fonts and colors.


Cost-effective signage made from 3/16” paper-faced memory foam board.


Reflective Aluminum

Aluminum with a flexible reflective glass bead vinyl overlay.

Mesh Banner

Let the wind through with our 10 oz mesh banners.

Fabric Banner

9 oz wrinkle free polyester fabric. Beautiful, vibrant colors.


Retractable Banners

Your graphic as fabric or vinyl in a retractable stand with a case.


X-Stand Banners

A quick and easy set up and display of a vinyl banner.

Pole Banners

Custom pole banners with pole pockets and a hardware kit perfect for advertising events and holidays.


Clear Window Decals

Let the light in! Use clear decals inside facing out or in.


Perforated Window Decals

Our perforated decals let you see out but block others from seeing in.

Frosted Window Decals

Our frosted decals are semi-transparent and provide privacy with limited light.


Clear Static Clings

Easy installation, forgiving, reposition able, and no residue to hassle with.

Opaque Static Clings

Opaque, hassle free and reposition-able.


Opaque Window Decals

Use our opaque window decals for interior or external signage, sales, store hours, and more.


Custom Flags

Custom flags made from durable 4 oz. polyester are perfect for both residential and commercial use.


Teardrop Flags

Roadside and event advertising on 4 oz. polyester. Multiple stand options available.

Angled Flags

Excellent outdoor display option. Variety of bases and carrying case available.


Rectangle Flags

Versatile outdoor flag banner with easy to assemble aluminum pole set.



3/16” thick with a polystyrene core and high quality, rigid paper faces.


Wooden Signs

1/2” high-density fiberboard with a smooth, white finish. Indoor and outdoor use.



1/2” thick with a white paper face and honeycomb interior fluting.


Vehicle Lettering

Individual letters cut from a sheet of 2 mil vinyl material. Great for cars, trucks, or any other type of vehicle.


Clear Vehicle Decals

Let the light in! Place these clear decals on your car window.


Perforated Vehicle Decals

Our perforated decals let you see out but block others from seeing in.


Vehicle Magnets

0.36” thick custom magnet perfect for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


Boat Lettering

Long-lasting adhesive vinyl boat decals that allow you to customize your boat’s graphics however you want.


Opaque Vehicle Decals

White opaque decals to put on your car body or your car window.


Boat Decals

Long-lasting adhesive vinyl boat decals that allow you to customize your boat’s graphics however you want.

Wall Decals

Lightweight, low-tac, decals that can be easily repositioned. Great for temporary signage.


Wall Stickers

Repositionable and reusable. Use any image and cut to any shape.

Wall Quotes

Custom sayings and quotes available in over 30 different colors.


Step & Repeat

9 oz. polyester fabric with an easy to assemble frame that makes the perfect backdrop for any setting.



A quick and easy set up and display of a vinyl banner.


Tension Fabric Displays

Stretch fabric display that fits securely over an easy-assembled aluminum frame with a zippered bottom.


Pop Up Displays

Stretch fabric display that adheres with velcro strips to a pop up aluminum frame.


Table Throws

Custom 8.8 oz polyester table throw that fits a 6’ or 8’ table with all four sides covered.


Table Runners

Pair your custom table runner with a table throw or use it as a standalone display piece.


Tension Fabric Stands

Stretch fabric graphic that slides easily over a durable snap tube frame with a zippered bottom. Comes in two sizes - 36” and 48” wide.


Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners are printed in full color on one side of 8oz Mesh Banner with sizes ranging from 2' x 2' to 10' x 150'. They are built to stand up to the elements, though they do wear with time. We offer a variety of finishing options, including hemming, grommets, and pole pockets.


Stretch Table Covers

Custom 8.8 oz polyester stretch table cover that fits a 6’ or 8’ table with an open back for easy storage.


Counter Cards

Counter Cards are printed in full color on rigid substrates and include a white fold-out double wing easel back to hold them upright for display.


Metal Prints

Stunning metal prints with vibrant colors infused into .045” aluminum

Canvas Prints

Hand-Wrapped canvas prints with a 1.5” frame and three custom edge options.


Wooden Prints

Unique wooden prints with bold colors printed directly onto natural maple.


Metallic Photo Prints

Rich, vibrant, and sharp metallic prints on photo quality paper.

Matte Photo Prints

Super-saturated, super-rich oversized matte prints on photo quality paper.


Glossy Photo Prints

Beautiful glossy prints on photo quality paper.


Acrylic Photo Prints

Beautiful acrylic prints with clear, rich images and the appearance of glass.


Indoor Floor Decals

3.5 mil vinyl decal with a gloss laminate covering. For use on interior floors. Great for directional signage around your church building.


Carpet Stickers

Versatile adhesive graphic for low pile and commercial carpets with a slip-resistant and protective laminate. Perfect for a wide variety of temporary uses such as conferences or church events.


Backlit Decals

3.5 mil semi-translucent film perfect for light boxes and store windows.



Sturdy 24 point yardstick posters. Use any custom image or graphic


Giant Checks

Made from rigid foam board and fully customizable. Great for contests & events.


High Adhesive Decals

Durable, permanent decals designed to withstand harsh elements and conditions.


A-Frame Signs

The ultimate in sidewalk signage. Includes durable plastic frame & custom graphic.


Fleet Lettering

Pre-masked and pre-spaced adhesive vinyl that installs in minutes and is perfect for your fleet’s lettering needs.


Fleet Graphics

Long-lasting adhesive vinyl fleet graphics that allow you to customize your fleet exactly how you want it.


Pop Up Tents

600 denier tent canopy and a 10’x10’ 40 mm heavy duty aluminum frame. Includes free carrying case and rope and stake kit.


Spirit Flags

Single or double sided custom spirit flags made from durable 4 oz. polyester perfect for football games, cheer teams and more.


Breakaway Banners

13 oz. vinyl banner made of two pieces attached with a center velcro strip. Includes pole pockets on each end to insert support poles.


Presentation Boards

Presentation Boards signs are printed in full color on rigid substrates. They range in size from 12" x 12" up to 48" x 46" and are designed for indoor use.


Bumper Stickers

Available in 100lb Gloss Book, 14pt, or 16 pt paper. Multiple sizes, coatings, and cut options.



Due to extreme variations in printing needs, providing pricing on the site is not possible however please submit the contact form at the bottom of the page and the team at myXP will get you a quick quote.

While we have no desire to be in the signage or printing business, we want to serve our church partners as faithfully as possible. That said, we have worked diligently to set up wholesale accounts to ensure you are able to the cheapest prices available. Here are a couple of examples:

  • 1000 full color, double sided, offset print business cards for less than $30

  • 500 4x6 flyers, full color, double sided, offset print for less than $50

  • 1000 single color giving envelopes for less than $100

Review some of the options below however if you are interested in something you don’t see, still submit it as we can likely figure out how to get it for you very inexpensively!



Brochures are a popular format for sharing detailed information in a highly presentable way. They are usually colorful and folded, so they are an efficient format for providing information about your company, its products, and services.


Business Cards

Business Cards provide contact information in a convenient, standardized size. They serve as great invite tools for your church and can come in standard sizes and also 2.5 x 2.5 square and unique shapes.



The most common order options are 2.5" x 8" on 14 Pt. Gloss Cover stock.



This could make a great option for an annual report update on the church.



Calendars are a popular tool for keeping your brand or message in front of your customers month after month. Often focused more on design than text, Calendars showcase one month at a time along with your chosen image or message.


CD Inlays

CD Inlays slide into a CD case to provide an image or text in the front and back of the case that identifies what's inside. They can be an artistic marketing tool or simply offer basic information about the CD. This is where you commonly find a band's name and track list.


Club Flyers

Club Flyers are similar to post cards, but rather than being mailed, they are typically passed out on the street to promote upcoming events. They are usually colorful and graphics-heavy with only basic information, like the location, price, and time of an event.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers are flyers that have a 1.25" diameter circle cut out with an accompanying slit that allows them to hang on a doorknob. They are very common in guerilla marketing campaigns, as they nearly guarantee customer interaction.


DVD Inserts

DVD Inserts are what you see when you look at a DVD cover. They slide between a layer of clear plastic and the hard plastic DVD case to showcase a graphic or text that can serve as a marketing tool or simply offer basic information.


Fold-Over Business Cards

Fold-Over Business Cards offer more space for information than traditional business cards, as they open to reveal a surface area double the size. They often have traditional business card information on the front and offer important business information on the interior. While much of the information is the same from one business card to another, font, style, substrate, and imagery set you apart and make your impression unique.



Available in many different sizes, Envelopes can send a variety of materials. We can print any image or text anywhere on the Envelope, so long as there is room for addressing and postage.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are large, folded notecards with an area for a personalized message on the interior. They are a popular way to celebrate holidays and special events. Usually, they are colorful and have images on the outside.



Labels are printed on the front side of adhesive-backed stock. Please note that this product is not recommended for outdoor applications, as they are not printed on weatherproof material.

Hang Tags

Hang Tags are typically rectangular and printed on sturdy stock with an optional hole for attachment to the product.

Simple in their design, Hang Tags generally provide basic but important information, like a company's name and website or call attention to specific product features.



Letterhead is customized stationary that typically showcases a company or person. Our Letterhead is also available on linen texture stock for a unique look and feel.



Notepads come in 25, 50 or 100 sheets backed by chipboard and are glued at the top. They are available in 1, 2, and 4 color printing. 1 & 2 Color Notepads are available in Pantone colors.

Mini Menus

Mini Menus are also known as Pocket Menus. These menus are printed on our coated and uncoated book stock. They are usually folded for convenience to place into someone's pocket.


Postcards can be printed 1 or 2-sided and are often mailed. They come in a wide variety of sizes and on a broad range of heavier substrates. Different coating choices and optional rounded corners add to your unique design.


Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders are a tool designed to package and organize several other pieces of printing. In addition to the standard folder design, Presentation Folders have 1 or 2 pockets on the inside to hold your materials. They also offer convenient corner slots on the interior pockets to make it easy to include a business card.

Rack Cards

Rack Cards are printed full color on heavy stock and designed for display in an industry standard 4" wide rack, often with other information and offers.


Small Flyers

Small Flyers are flat promotional printed products that are smaller than our standard flyers. They are a popular and convenient size for distributing promotional material.


Table Tents

Table Tents are printed on one side only. They have (3) die scores and (2) die slits to create an easy interlocking system. Even-though the Table Tents are shipped flat they are quick and easy to assemble to form a 2-sided tent shaped marketing piece.


Tear Cards

Tear Cards are printed on flat, rectangular, heavy weight stock in full color. They are perforated 2" from the end, which makes it convenient to include a coupon or contact information. This way, customers do not have to keep the whole card just to get the information they want to hold on to.


Trading Cards

Trading Cards are printed flat on 2.5" x 3.5" heavy stock in full color. They are designed to mimic professional sports trading cards for the non-professional sports market.

Options for both square and rounded corners are available.

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